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Central Vacuum Systems Power Units Central Vacuum Systems Attachments Central Vacuum System Accessories
Central Vacuum Power Units Central Vacuum Attachments Central Vacuum Accessories
Central Vacuum System Power Units rated by Square Feet Central Vacuum System Power Brush Hose & Tool Sets Central Vacuum System Accessories, Tools Sets, Filters, Bags, Misc. Central Vacuum System Rough In Parts, Pipe, Fittings, Misc Parts Central Vacuum System Service, Repair, Maintenance, Etc.
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Idaho Central Vacuum (, Idaho Central Vacuum Systems ( and Central Systems ( providing the very best central vacuum systems and service throughout South Western Idaho since 1977. 

Idaho Central Vacuum and Central Systems provide service and repair throughout the Boise Meridian Nampa Caldwell Nampa Star Middleton Eagle Kuna Donnelly McCall Mountain Home & Emmett Idaho areas. Professional service, parts and repair for most central vacuum brands; including Modern Day, SilentMaster, FloMaster, AirForce, MD, AirMaster, AirVac, Beam, Filtex, ElectroLux, AstroVac, VacuMaid, Broan, Brute, Budd, CentraVac, Central Vac International, Eureka, Galaxie, Hayden, Hoover, Sears, Kenmore, M & S, Music & Sound, Nutone, Riccar, SmartVac, HoneyWell, VacuFlo, and more.

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 Idaho Central Vacuum Systems Attachment Sets

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Idaho Central Vacuum Systems Accessories floor tools, upholstery tools, dust brushes, hose hangers, etc.

Idaho Central Vacuum Systems Accessories


Idaho Central Vacuum Systems Parts, Service and Repair


Central Vacuum Power Brush, Hoses & Sets
Stealth   BlackHawk   TTurbo 21
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Central Vacuum Power Brush Set Comparisons

Electric Kit
Stealth II Kit

Stealth I Kit

BlackHawk Kit
Electric Brush
Highest Quality

High Quality
w/o foot release

w/ headlamp
Video Demos
Stealth II


Foot Release x x
Quick Handle Connection x x
30' or 35' Electric Hose
1-3/8" interior diameter
(direct connect or pigtail)
Bleeder Valve
Telescopic Wand 2 1 x
Plastic Wand 1 2 2 Chrome
Swivel Floor Brush
with Wheels
14" 14" 12"
6" Upholstery tool
with detachable brush strip
Deluxe Oval Dusting Brush
13" Crevice Tool with
Suction Relief Slits
Crevice Brush x x
Snap-On Tool Caddy  
Wired Hose Hanger
Wand Wall Clamp 2 1 x
Large Storage Bag small

Stealth Electric Power Brush, Hose & Tool Set

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NEW Stealth II Kit Includes

Everything in the Original Stealth Kit Plus:

  • Easy Foot Release for extremely convenient vacuuming along baseboards, carpet edges, corners, high spots, etc. Simply disengage the extension wand from the Stealth neck.
  • Quick Glide Disconnect hose handle button - no more struggle trying to push in a small metal nipple to release the hose handle from the top of the extension wands.
  • The very handy Crevice Brush - great for dusting, especially blinds, curtains, and electronics.
  • Lastly, an extra Wall Wand Clamp is included with the Stealth II kit. Now the Stealth with it's wands and the hard floor brush connected to the metal wands can all hang up out of way.

Stealth Brush Details

Integrated Circuitry
This is the first power brush to offer integrated circuitry that protects the motor transmission and belt from overload and also assists the operator in making the most efficient brush-height settings. (If the brush height is too high or too low, the appropriate indicator light turns on so the operator can fine tune to the specific carpet being cleaned.) This electronic chip also monitors the motor condition several times a second for excessive amp load and will instantly shut down the motor if certain parameters are exceeded. If this happens, the brush can be reset by simply turning off the switch at your fingertips and then turning the switch back on again. No awkward button to locate. This same integrated circuit also limits the RPM of the motor to reduce free spinning....a further contribution to the reduction of noise levels.

Computer-Balanced Roller Brush
The Stealth Power Brush contains thirteen pieces of sound-absorbing foam and rubber insulators just to maintain our SilentMaster commitment. The sound is further reduced by computer balancing the roller brush which means less vibration and longer brush, belt, and bearing life. The bearings are actually rubber cushioned, sealed ball bearings (as opposed to bushings) which require less power for high cleaning efficiency at 5,000 RPM's. The roller brush has 360 degree convergent bristles (Chevron style) which last up to 800 hours where typical domestic roller bristle life is only 50 to 150 hours. And, the cogged, fiberglass-reinforced belt is so strong that we gave it a 5-year warranty.

Commercial Motor Design
The Stealth brush motor with its 3-year warranty, is the best in the industry with 5 to 10 times the life of a typical domestic power brush motor: about 1200 hours compared to 150-200 hours in the typical power brush. This extended life is attributed to it superior construction, engineering, materials, and a design that originated for commercial applications. The motor has a larger, 24-bar commutator (where the electrical power is transferred between the electrical system and the motor's spinning rotor) which reduces heat buildup and amp usage which increases efficiency and carbon-brush life.

Better Air-Flow
For more uniform cleaning, the durable, Lexan base plate shoe has serrated air channels in the front and sides for better air flow and the air channel is directly in the middle of the head. Other features include non-marking tires, swivel neck, and the ability to stand in the upright position.

Fitting Warranty
The Stealth's belt has an unprecedented LIFETIME warranty, motor 5-year, and electrical components a 3-year warranty. Stealth 14" Power Brush is sold exclusively by MD Mfg. to the US central vac market . Any other is a knock-off.

Replacing an Existing Central Vacuum Brush
The Stealth is absolutely the best replacement for all central vacuum brush heads that connect to the metal wands with a button lock nipple. You will be amazed at the performance of the Stealth when used in place of all central vacuum brushes such as Sweep and Groom, Sweep 'n Clean, Sebo, Nutone, Wesselwerks, RugMaster, and many others. Click on a brand name to the left for more information.



110 volt electric beater brushes have a hose with two brass prongs that plug into the inlet valve or an electrical cord as pictured above.
Non-electric power brushes have an
air turbine that spins the brush when the vacuum is on, and non-electric hoses have
no cords or electric metal prongs.


BlackHawk Electric Power Brush Hose & Tool Set

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Hayden Electric Power Brush Hose & Tool Set

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Turbo 21 Air Driven Power Brush Hose & Tool Set

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Central Vacuum Inlet Valves


1. Is your central vacuum system universal?
(Nearly 100% of all built-in systems are interchangeable.)
Regardless of what your inlet valve looks like, is the inner diameter of the inlet
hole 1 7/16 to 1 1/2 inches?
If so, please continue to #2.
If not please read non-universal central vacuum systems.

2. Is your hose and beater brush electric or non-electric?

    Take a look at your hose.


110 volt electric/font> beater brushes have a hose with two brass prongs that plug into the inlet valve or an electrical cord as pictured above.
Non-electric power brushes have an
air turbine that spins the brush when the vacuum is on, and non-electric hoses have
no cords or electric metal prongs.

3. Now, based on what you have to work with, what would you like to do?

  1. Upgrade to an electrical driven power brush (how to) (suggested for carpeted homes)
  2. Buy 110 volt ELECTRIC central vacuum hose, power brush, complete kit, or inlet valve
  3. Buy NON-ELECTRIC hose, power brush, complete attachment kit, or inlet valve
  4. Buy Accessories or Supplies or Parts for all central vacuum systems and installations.


Idaho Central Vacuum Systems Accessories

Central Vacuum System Upgrades & Repair

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General Compatibility of Central Vacuums:
Use the information below to find parts and upgrades for these and other brands.

ACV, Action, Aqua Air, AMS, Aristocrat by Certified Vacuum, Aspro, Beamco, DoraVac, Drain Vac, Dust Care, Electron, Grand Central, Homematix, HouseKeeper, Majestas, Magivac, Miami Carey, Pow-R-King, PowerVac by Western Vac Engineering, Progressive, Ricar, RittenHouse, Rotool, Seravac, Simplicity, Singer, Sistem Air, Soluvac, Spartan, Stor-Vac, Thomas, Thoromatic, TrendVac, UltraClean, Wanda



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